Cloud Assurance Services

What we do

PerformIT helps companies maximise the benefits of cloud platforms while ensuring organisations protect themselves from a sprawling data landscape that breach regulations such as GDPR.  We provide consultancy & engineering services to help company that are looking to take advantage of cloud services, but are concerned about losing control or exposing their company to risk.  We help by providing 4 clearly packaged services;

  • Assessment – Mapping data landscapes against cloud providers and compliance.
  • Design – Identifying technologies and platforms that comply with your industry regulation.
  • Migration – Completing migrations between platforms using technology to reduce cost.
  • Professional Services – Strategists, Architects, Engineers and Project Managers to support client projects. 

We do this by employing bright technical people, so you don’t have to.

If you are concerned that your IT estate is starting to leak across different cloud providers, and aren’t sure if this causes a risk to your business, contact PerformIT for a free initial assessment. 

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