Migrating data between platforms while reducing risk & cost

Cloud Migration Service

Cloud based services have led many organisations to reconsider how they provide IT services.  However, in order to gain access to the benefits on the latest technology innovation from Microsoft, AWS or Rackspace, there is a physical reality of moving existing data to a new platform.  The challenge of moving client data across public & private networks is not just an issue of cost, time and network bandwidth, but is lead many organisations to ask;

  • Does my data contain personal client information?
  • Does the new location breach data protection rules?
  • Does the move span a public network?
  • How do I demonstrate the old platform is clean of the old data?
  • Can I guarantee client privacy when I next want to move provider?

PerformIT helps organisations migrate data between platforms and service providers securely and efficiently buy using predefined processes and state of the art technology.  Our approach focuses on;

  • Quantifying the data that exists today to allow data cleansing.
  • Identifying who has access to that data to support compliance.
  • Defining the most efficient migration approach using bespoke tools.
  • Remediating old data foot prints following the migration.

If you are considering moving data in to the cloud, or another platform, and are unsure of the best way to achieve this, while minimising risk and cost, contact PerformIT for a free initial assessment.

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