Providing resources to support client projects

Professional Service

As companies complete IT transformation programs, the impact on the in-house IT team can be significant, leading to the outsourcing of projects and workload.  We recognise however, that many organisations don’t want to pass the interesting, complex and high profile projects over to external organisations, and would rather reward internal staff with responsibility for delivering transformation.  This can however have an impact of resource schedules, existing workload and BAU activity. 

In order to help our customers manage the peaks and troughs of their IT resource plan PerformIT provides technical resources for short and medium terms engagements using our Flexible Resource Model (FRM).  Our customers use our staff to manage peak periods resulting from one off projects, holiday cover and training without impacting the day to day support of the business. 

PerformIT provides technical and project staff ranging from individuals that work diligently under client direction against specified tasks, to those that can complete strategic reviews at board level.  Our FRM allows customers to benefit from a resource pool that can be used to deliver project or support activities such as network, data centre or end user computing design, implementation or migration projects. 

If you have an increasing overtime bill, or a resource schedule that won’t deliver the committed objectives, contact PerformIT to see how we can help support your in-house team. 

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